ABA 101

An introductory course for professionals

About the course

Course Overview

The course runs for about 12 hours, broken down into 4 hour modules for learning new concepts and discussing applications of concepts.  Since ABA is a fairly new concept in India, this course introduces the principles of ABA at a basic level.


This course is designed for professionals and graduate students interested in psychology, teaching or social sciences. Psychologists, Early childhood educators, Special education teachers, other professionals interested in gaining insight into this field are welcome.


Module 1

4 hours


  • Behaviourism & Skinner
  • ABC's of ABA
  • Fucntion- Escape
  • Function- Attention
  • Function- Tangibles
  • Function- Sensory
  • Homework

Module 2

4 hours


  • Discussion
  • Instructional control
  • Prompting- how much?
  • Effective Reinforcement
  • Differential Reinforcement
  • ABA language
  • Homework

Module 3

4 hours


  • Discussion
  • Motivation
  • Requesting behaviour
  • Barriers in learning
  • FCT
  • Using Time-out
  • Questions and feedback

Details About Registration

  • This course is designed for professionals who works with young children- especially children with special needs.  
  • The course can be requested for groups (minimum of 5 participants)
  • Contact [email protected] for more details.  
The complete 12 hour course for
3500 Per person